Graham Reid
Nationality: England

A warmest welcome – you immediately felt at home; all the teachers were really friendly.  And the quality of the lessons was much superior to both the other schools.  As an ex-teacher myself, it was easy to see that the teaching and presentational skills were of a higher order throughout.  The staff had created their own teaching materials which were more appropriate and targeted and they seemed much more able to relate to our individual needs.  They were just more aware and insightful.  Also the individual 1 to 1 sessions were more structured and again more thought was given to our needs. 

I would go back there any time and I probably shall if I can find the time.  Warmest thanks to the talented and dedicated staff there for a memorable week.   

Michel Dubernat
Nationality: France

Alexandra and Angela are very capable, patient and friendly. 
The activities are very well organized but I rarely participated because I already know the city for a long time. 

Alice Wetzl  
Nationality: Italy

Alexandra is a very good teacher.  
The activities were very interesting and I really liked them 

Dana Schloeffel  
Nationality: Germany

Hugo is a very good teacher. Really interesting to discuss with him social and cultural things (education, books, politics, history etc) 
Best Activity: Boat trip

Delphine  Bebin
Nationality: France

The teachers are all very friendly and always want help us for any problems or questions about the lessons but also the Portugal, the culture...  
I liked the activities very much. It’s the way to meet the others students who learn in the same school and we can discover the city and some good place to go out.
Best Activity: torre dos clérigos 

Merlind  Weber
Nationality: Germany  

My host mother and her daughters were very friendly.
I had two teachers: Alexandra and Angela. They were very good teachers: They motivated me a lot and their lessons were great! I think they prepared me pretty well for Brazil! 
Although the weather was very bad, we had quiet a lot of fun during the activities.  
Best Activity: The visit to the "caves do vinho do Porto".