Portugal offers a different experience with the Portuguese language than that which is found in Brazil. Beyond the grammatical and lexical differences of the Portuguese spoken in these two countries, Portugal's heritage dates back further and includes different roots than found in Brazil. It thus offers a very different context for the language.

Porto is a European city with an immense historical patrimony, yet is also well-linked to present and future times.

As a trading center at the mouth of the Rio Douro, Porto is the second largest city after Lisbon. The place has a number of distinctive atmospheres and this is very evident when visiting the various parts of the city.

The quarter around the riverside, known as the Ribeira, is full of narrow, twisting streets with houses once painted or tiled in colorful facades, and full of the bustling energy of working people during the day and the liveliness of busy "tascas" and restaurants at night.

The district around the Cathedral is full of monuments to past achievements and streets lined with houses built like layers of a cake then crowded together with a maze of small alleys in-between.

The Cordoaria quarter is for the students with steep streets and interesting shops. The civic center of the city is in the Central e Baixa quarter with broad avenues lined with banks and outdoor cafe, or in the Baixa where the daily two-tiered covered market goes about its business.

Lastly, the Boavista area is the arterial route in and out of the city past blocks of apartments and hotels. As would be expected from such an important city it is full of fascinating buildings as well.

Wine: Porto is world renowned for the wine of its surrounding regions. For many visitors to Porto and to students at our institute, this is the focus of their stay. Here you have innumerable opportunities to visit vineyards, tasting, producers, festivals, educational events, etc.

For those interested in these possibilities, Fast Forward Language Institute organizes tours, information and our own special programs so that you are capable of exploring this vast cultural delight in all of its intricacies.

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